Giveaway Terms

Last updated: 01.09.2022

General information

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1. Introduction

At LOLLYS LAUNDRY ApS (hereinafter referred to as "Lollys Laundry", "us", "we" and "ours"), we are committed to ensuring that competitions and giveaways are facilitated with transparency and credibility. In the following you can read about the terms and conditions applicable when participating in a competition hosted by us, and about the corresponding procedure.

When you participate in a competition hosted by Lollys Laundry, the respective posting, story, Email or sub-page ("Post") will state the draw date. The winner will be contacted immediately by us via Email, unless stated in the said Post. Competitions are never sponsored by or offered in association with Meta Platforms Ireland Limited. Our Competitions are only open to European citizens over the age of 18. Tax on winnings will be paid by the winner, in accordance with the winner's current local laws, at any given time.

We also want to point out that prizes, whether it might concern gift vouchers, discount codes or clothing, cannot be exchanged for cash, changed to a different size or returned for the purchase of another style.

2. Previous winners

History of winners will be added here regularly.

Winner Date Prize & value hereof Method of selection
Janni Bach 20.09.22 Giftcard 1000,- Drawing lots
Dorthe J. 20.09.22 2 pcs.. Phoenix Jackets, 1500,- per piece. Drawing lots

3. Modifications of the Giveaway Terms

The Giveaway Terms was last updated on September 1st 2022 and set as Version 1.0.