Shirts and blouses for women

Women’s Shirts from Lollys Laundry

At Lollys Laundry we carry a wide range of shirts for women in assorted varieties and fits, and in our collection you will find a suitable shirt for every woman’s personal style. In case you are looking for patterned shirts, dotted shirts, shirts with colorful flower print, or a shirt with appetizing candy stripes, you have entered the right online store. Our shirts are created in comfortable, natural fabrics such as modal, cotton and viscose. The shirt originates from the men’s wardrobe but in a form fitted shirt you will have a timeless item which has been made into an eternal classic in women’s fashion. At Lollys Laundry you will find short sleeved shirts, elegant high neck shirts and beautiful shirts with long cuffs. Some styles are slightly transparent while others have pastel colored stripes in lurex or interwoven flowers in the fabric. Take a closer look at our styles and you will discover our soft spot for understated details which gives all of our shirts a beautiful look and adds a hint of luxury to your everyday activities. It might be reflected in details as decorative flounces along the shirt’s collar, or an especially elegant buttoned neck. Browse our selection and find Lollys shirts with both classic collars and Mao collars for a softer look. Our women’s shirts are produced consciously at selected fabrics in finer materials making your shirts from Lollys Laundry longlasting favorites in your wardrobe.

Create a classic look with a Lollys Laundry shirt

With a shirt from Lollys Laundry your look can be styled in countless directions. Create contrast in your outfit by combining one of our slightly transparent shirts’ light expression with chunky pants in a heavier fabric like velvet or denim. Our flower print shirts add an understated feminine twist for a stylish workday look, which invites you to draw references to classic minimalism by matching a form fitted suit with a flower print shirt for women from our collection. We also carry a broad selection of shirts in airy cotton with rounded lengths and a longer cut in the back, so you can style our long shirts as both a dress or an open kimono. Material, length and styling can make the comfortable shirt dress become a natural part of any look from elegant to casual. Our selection of shirts in delicate pastel colours are bright and light in the summer heat, and they make Lollys Laundry women’s shirts easy to mix and match in numerous ways. We love to style the long shirt in layers over a top, with a soft knit and a pair of pants. Look for a shirt dress in light tones for a romantic look, or choose a cool shirt dress in bright colors accompanied by a pair of leather leggins for a rock chick inspired look. We invite you to browse our collection and discover our entire selection of colorful, flower printed and solid color shirts for women. Find your next Lollys Laundry shirt in our broad and carefully curated collection of shirts for women.

Shop women’s blouses from Lollys Laundry

In our online shop you can discover the beautiful blouses of the season from Lollys Laundry. We carry a wide selection of blouses for women in soft materials like pure cotton and modal. You will also find blonde blouses, peplum blouses, blouses with flounces and elegant details such as narrow cuffs on the sleeves and a high neck with small buttons. Some of our women’s blouses are light and airy with a loose fit, while others are form fitted with simple details to highlight the waist and other feminine lines. We often design blouses with print because of our soft spot for appetizing color combinations and vibrant patterns. Both a short sleeve blouse and a long sleeve blouse can spice up any outfit. The inspiration for our countless charming prints can originate from nature and take shape as leaves, the ever charming flower prints or adorable floral designs which are interwoven in our blonde blouses. Several of the blouses in our collections also feature everlasting classic references such as blouses with small humorous dots and blouses in appealing candy stripes. Wear a colorful long sleeve Lollys blouse on cloudy days, and go for the short sleeve blouse when the temperature rises.

Get ready for the new season in a Lollys Laundry blouse

The breathable blouse is an all time favourite in our wardrobes, and a blouse always brings a stylish touch to your outfits from summertime to winter. When it comes to the designs of our shirts we keep coming back to the lines in our classic shapes, which is why you will find the same cut in various variants and prints across our collections. We always favor the blouse as a central element in our outfits. Our broad collection of blouses can easily function as key items in the wardrobe all year, but especially when the seasons are changing in spring and fall we clothe ourselves in beautiful patterned blouses. Choose a solid color blouse when you are in the mood for a tight and simple look, or dress up a boring Monday with a Lollys Laundry blouse in bright colors. With a colorful blouse from Lollys Laundry you can light up your classic jeans and sneakers and create a playful look. We also invite you to take a look at our selection of T-shirts and tops, if you dream of a soft T-shirt for casual days or a more delicate item. Combine the blouse with a skirt, a pair of pants with creases and a chunky knit in your favourite colors. Your blouses can also be styled as a rock chick look combined with a pair of leather leggings, or you can underline the blouse’s feminine expression with a short jacket and a soft knitted cardigan. We hope you find the perfect fit here in our online store.