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If you are looking for a floral printed skirt or a skirt with colorful stripes, a see-through version or an animal printed skirt, you have entered the right webshop. Lollys Laundry online shop carries a wide range of mini skirts and midi skirts for women, but you will find an equally broad selection of popular maxi skirts in floor-length. Our skirts for women are often designed with an asymmetric cut which breaks the straight lines and creates a more floating expression. We have a weakness for long skirts with frills because they add a graceful feminine touch to our Scandinavian and minimalist looks. Another detail is small pleats in our long Lollys Laundry skirts that lightens their look and adds volume. Even in the floor-length skirts a comfortable elastic band in the waist or a slim waistband will highlight your figure. In Lolly’s shop you will find narrow pencil skirts in suede as well as long styles with a looser fit cut in multiple layers widening at the bottom. Several of our colorful skirts for women are in light transparent materials. They are often created with a shorter inner lining, which makes them perfect to style with pants, although they do go incredibly well with tanned legs in sandals as well. 

Patterned skirt from Lollys Laundry

To us the skirt rhymes with summer, sun and warm lazy days. Our skirts for women revitalizes your look, and a flowy skirt is simply a flattering addition to any basic outfit. Add a splash of color to the dark winter months with our skirts, which you can preferably style in layers of creative combinations of skirts, skinny jeans and a chunky knit for the cold times of the year. A Lolly’s skirt is a versatile piece which can easily be styled with a crisp ironed shirt for a sharp and stylish look for the office. Dress the skirt up with a beautiful top in bright colors, and complete the look with jewellery, a pair of heels and a leather jacket. Or go for the more understated look with discrete colors, and let the layers do the talking. Are you in a comfy mood you should pick a pair of your favourite sneakers and a sweatshirt, and dress down your wrap skirt for a casual street look with a feminine twist. Our collections feature several classic skirts, that you can find i additional variants and patterns if you are looking to match a specific color tone, or for when you have become so fond of one of our styles that you are looking for a new variant of the same skirt. Discover our varied selection of women’s skirts here.