About Lollys Laundry

Based in Copenhagen, Lollys Laundry was founded in 2007 in response to a desire to create a wardrobe that takes you from a day at the office to a night on the town, from a beach party to a festival. A wardrobe that offers you strong basic styles, colorful prints and quirky details that add that little something extra. In short, a wardrobe designed for life as it unfolds, giving you a sense of freedom to do whatever you want.

Lollys Laundry is known for colorful prints and feminine cuts mixed with raw and classic elements such as with our signature leather leggings and warm, soft knitwear. Our long bohemian dresses and quilted patchwork jackets are among the 'Lollys Classics'.
Lollys Laundry has several times received the coveted Børsen Gazelle award for exceptional growth.

Meet our founder and designer

Kamilla Byriel Terkelsen is our founder, designer and the very DNA of Lollys Laundry. In the 15 years that have passed since the foundation, she has developed Lollys Laundry into one of the strongest brands on the Danish fashion scene.

Kamilla's enthusiasm, strength and joy of creation is the common thread through Lollys Laundry, from the six annual collections to all parts of the underlying work process.
With over 25 years of experience as a designer, Kamilla has sealed her position as one of Denmark's strongest designers and entrepreneurs, and she insists that it must be fun - otherwise it's no use.

How our name came to be

Lolly can be you and Lolly can be me. Lolly likes to wear heavy knitwear as much as a light dress. An individual who mixes and matches patterns and qualities and does so with a personal style. Lolly likes affordable design, high quality and loves small details.

The colors, prints and patterns in Lolly's Laundry collections are carefully selected by Kamilla Byriel, Creative Director. We wanted to create a brand that conveys your personality with timeless favorites for your wardrobe.