Where and how do I buy a Lollys E-gift card?

You buy a Lollys E-gift card on our website under E-gift cards, which can be found under Shop. It is very important that you enter the correct e-mail address and that you save your e-mail with the Lollys E-gift card. We cannot give you a new E-gift card if you delete or otherwise lose your email with the E-gift card

The e-gift card can only be used in the currency in which it was purchased. The amount cannot be changed after the purchase has been completed. Currency and amount will be visible in the e-mail you receive with the Lollys E-gift card

Where can I use my Lollys E-Gift Card?

It can be used on our website and not in our physical stores

Is it possible to use more than one Lollys E-Gift Card on an order?

You can use several E-gift cards to pay for the same order, and it can also be combined with discount codes and discounts 

How long is a Lollys E-Gift Card valid for?

E-gift cards are active and can be used for three years from the date of purchase